iHerb Coupon Codes

KC TanI purchase all my supplements and healthy snacks (dark chocolate, organic nuts etc) online through iHerb.com, I have some coupon codes (updated monthly) here that you can save money if you were to buy from iHerb too.

iHerb Discount & Coupon Code: ZIM276

You can enter the above coupon code during checkout and it will save you US$10 (if you order US$40 or more) or US$5 if you order less than US$40. Please note this only apply for first-time order.

Why I choose iHerb?

People asked me why I choose iHerb so I decided to post my response here:

  1. The products available in my local stores (Singapore) are too expensive. Let me give you an example, Dr Ohhira Probiotics will cost more than SGD$100 if I buy it from a store here but it will only cost me US$47 from iHerb!
  2. Most high quality products are not sold in Singapore supermarket.
  3. iHerb provides free shipping as well (although I prefer DHL express for just $10 more)!

To enjoy the discount, click on the discount banner below and the voucher code will be added to your purchase automatically!

iHerb Discount Codes