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iHerb Promo Code SG (Updated Jun 2019)

I have been a iHerb customer since 5 years ago and I highly recommend their products not only because the price there is cheaper but also their range of products are organic as compared to the common brands we found in local department stores. I always update this page with the latest iHerb promo code…

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TCM Food / Dessert for Constipation

In this post, I will share a very simple-to-prepare dessert that everyone can try at home to relief constipation. That is – Papaya Aloe Vera dessert. Both aloe vera and papaya have the effects of increasing bowel movement. In fact, aloe Vera is classified as 泻下药 in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Both papaya and aloe vera…

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Balanced Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

Congratulations if you are a balanced type! Balanced type (平和体质) is the most healthy body constitutions out of all the nine types. In TCM, we believe a person is healthy when Yin and Yang is balanced. On the other hand, a person will start to have diseases if Yin and Yang is out of balance.…

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Sensitive Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

A Sensitive type (特禀体质) person is someone who is allergic to certain food or environment. Once contacted, you will experience sore throat, running / blocked nose, itchy skin etc. As this is based on case by case basis, it is not possible to suggest a list of food without knowing the exact condition. In general,…

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