Welcome to my website! My name is KC and I created this site to share what I have learned from and after my study at Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine as Chinese Medicated Food Dietitian (class 2016).

Ever since young, I always prone to illness and fall sick easily. It is until I started my own career then I realised how important is my health without relying on drugs as they are only treating the symptoms, not the root cause. This is also the reason why I invested two years to learn how to use herbs and proper diets to harmonize my body according to my body type. Also, with these knowledge, I would like more people to benefit from the ancient wisdom of TCM in this website.

KC Tan
KC Tan, Blogger, 
Chinese Medicated Dietitian

Greatest Takeaway from Chinese Dietitian Diploma Course

The greatest takeaway from my diploma course at Singapore College of TCM is knowing that each one of us has a different body type. Thus, not all kinds of food and diet is suitable for both you and me. The key is to first know what is your body type then eat the food that you need and knowing what to avoid. However, as the course is conducted in Chinese only (at the time I’m writing this page), I hope by translating some of the information to English could benefit people who can’t understand Chinese in this website.

You can find out what is your body type on this page so that you will know what food to eat / avoid in order to strengthen your body.

You can also read about my thoughts for the two years Chinese Dietitian diploma course here.

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