iHerb Promo Code SG (Updated May 2021)

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I have been a iHerb customer since 5 years ago and I highly recommend their products not only because the price there is cheaper but also their range of products are organic as compared to the common brands we found in local department stores.

I always update this page with the latest iHerb promo code for Singapore customers. The code for current month is: ZIM276. You can enter this code every time you buy from iherb, you will save 5 to 10% depending on the products you purchase.

The following are some of my favorite products just to share with you in case you want to hit the minimum spending for free shipping.

  1. African Black Soap Bar – This help me save tons of money! Being one of the highly rated products on iHerb, I use this soap to clean my face twice a day. It helps to calm my skin and reduce acne problems. You can read the reviews here. This soap only costs SG$5 and can be used for months!
  2. XyliWhite, Toothpaste – A lot of the toothpaste in the market contains SLS (Sodium Lauryl sulfate) and paraben which are not good for our gums. I use this brand for several years already and like it very much. This product also has one of the highest reviews in iHerb.
  3. MegaFood Multi-vitamins – I have blogged about the importance of organic multi-vitamins before in this blog post. The only brand I buy nowadays for multi-vitamins is MegaFood. Click here to see a range of products they carry.
  4. Coromega, Omega-3 Orange Squeeze – This is a unique product. I don’t like to swallow big fish oil capsule so I prefer this brand where it is in gel form that I can easily squeeze it into my mouth and swallow it. This is my way of getting my omega 3 daily intake.

Do you have any iHerb products to recommend? You can share with me in the comments section =)

Just a reminder, the iherb promo code for Singapore is: ZIM276.

P.S. If you are located in other countries, you can also use the same code above to get the same discount. This code is universal =) 

Learn how to choose which herbal tea is suitable for you

In Singapore, there are many types of herbal tea and do you know how to choose which one to drink? In this post, I will share some common types of herbal drink you can find in Singapore and their properties so you can make the right choice for your health!

1- Chrysanthemum (菊花) Tea / Drink

Chrysanthemum is the most common herbal tea or drink you can find in most herbal stalls or shops in shopping mall.

The main property of Chrysanthemum is cooling (beneficial for lungs and liver). It can help to reduce body heatiness, headache and dizziness, and swollen / painful eye area due to liver heatiness.

Thus, you should choose Chrysanthemum tea / drink if you experience some headache, dizziness especially due to lack of sleep these few days or just starting to have some flu (heaty type) symptoms such as sore throat and keep feeling your mouth is dry.

2- American Ginseng (洋参) Tea / Drink

Good american ginseng is expensive and helps in strengthening qi (补气) but the type that you find in common herbal tea / drink normally do not have such strong potency.

The main property of american ginseng is strengthening qi (beneficial for heart, lung and kidney) and cooling effect. For the purpose of this blog post, american ginseng tea / drink has the effect of cooling and small effect of boosting your qi (energy).

Thus, you should choose american ginseng tea / drink if you often experience tiredness, and mouth dry. You can also choose american ginseng tea / drink if you feel that your palm and feet often feels hot.

3- Monk Fruit (罗汉果) Tea / Drink

Monk fruit also known as Siraitia grosvenorii or more commonly Luo Han Guo (罗汉果) in Singapore. It can help to reduce heatiness in lungs and improvement bowel movements (beneficial for lung and big intestine).

The main property of Luo Han Guo is to soothe throat and moisturize lungs. It also helps to ease constipation.

Thus, you should choose Luo Han Guo tea / drink if you have sore throat or feels that you have symptoms of sore throat coming. Also choose this drink if you have minor constipation these few days. Lastly, it will also help in dry cough (very hard to spit out the phlegm).

NOTE: Do visit a TCM physician if you have coughed for more than 2 weeks, because herbal tea will not cure the root issue of the cough.

4- Chinese Barley (中国薏米) Tea / Drink

Chinese barley is another very common type of herbal tea / drink in Singapore. In fact, I highly recommend most people to drink Chinese Barley because of our Tropical climate here. Chinese Barley can help to reduce water retention and strengthen spleen. Out of all the herbal tea / drink, Chinese Barley is the only one that can strengthen one’s spleen.

The main property of Chinese Barley is to help you get rid of excessive water in your body especially in spleen and lower part of your body. This is why Chinese Barley is a common herb to use to treat swollen angle, feet and lower part of the leg due to water retention.

Thus, you should choose Chinese Barley tea / drink if you have water retention in the lower part of your leg or generally you have weak spleen (have stomachache after cold drinks and oily food). Chinese Barley can also helps in weigh loss but you must make it a habit to drink it consistently to see results.

Caution: Women who are pregnant please consult a TCM physician before you make Chinese Barley a regular drink.

Note: There are two type of barley, one is Holland Barley which main property is cooling and the other one is Chinese Barley, which we mention in this blog post. make sure to choose the right one when you buy.

5- Honeysuckle (金银花) Tea / Drink

Honeysuckle is also a common type of herbal tea / drink in Singapore. Out of all herbal tea / drinks, Honeysuckle has most cooling effect and is highly recommended for people who are very heaty!

The main property of Honeysuckle is cooling and detox (beneficial for lungs, heart and stomach).

Thus, you should choose Honeysuckle tea / drink if you have bad breath, sudden rush of acne or feeling very heaty (symptoms of sore throat, mouth dry and keep wanting to drink water and urine appears very yellowish and feels hot)

Caution: Honeysuckle is extremely cooling hence it is not suitable for people with weak spleen. If you often have diarrhea after drinking cold stuff or oily food, then I would say Honeysuckle is not suitable for you.

A Note About Mixed Herbal Tea / Drink

It is now very common for you to see mixed herbal tea / drink such as
Chrysanthemum with Luo Han Guo or
Chrysanthemum with American Ginseng. For such herbal tea, you can refer to their each effects above but I strongly encourage to go for the individual herbal tea if you need relive in a particular symptom, for example, if you are only having a sore throat, then I would suggest you choose Luo Han Guo rather than
Chrysanthemum with Luo Han Guo.

I hope these information helps! If you like a particular herbal tea / drink but didn’t see it listed here, you can comment below and I will consider adding it to the list!

Top 5 Multivitamins for Men 2018

multi vitamin fruitsMultivitamins are a great way for men to ensure that they are getting every essential nutrient that their body needs to stay fit and healthy. While it is ideal to get most or all of your nutrients from the food that you eat, in the hustle and bustle of busy modern life it can sometimes seem impossible to make sure that you are eating a wide variety of healthy foods in each and every meal.

That is why it is so important that busy men take the time to incorporate a high quality multivitamin supplement into their daily routine. One pill each morning is often all it takes to ensure that you are getting every essential nutrient that your body requires. Not only do multivitamins ensure that your body is working at its peak performance, but they will also provide you with the extra boost of energy that you need to stay active and stress-free throughout your busy day.

There are a lot of multivitamins for men available on the market today, and most of them cover the same basic list of essential vitamins and minerals. However, not all multivitamins for men are created equal. In choosing the best multivitamins for men, you want to find the products that have all the essential nutrients without any unnecessary additives and the products that use the highest quality ingredients.

We have asked the experts to do a multivitamin review for the top 5 multivitamins for men. We have condensed the results below so that you can find the best multivitamin for your needs.

  1. Douglas Laboratories – Ultra Preventive X

This multivitamin was the top pick among our consulted experts. It is a serious supplement designed to ensure that every single nutrient that your body needs can be found in one simple bottle. This multivitamin is the go-to choice for personal trainers and athletes, who need to be sure that they are getting high levels of even the most obscure nutrients so that their bodies can sustain their rigorous training routines. It also uses the highest quality ingredients with no unnecessary or artificial additives, which is why it stands out far above the competition. The only downside is that it requires a committed routine, as you need to take 8 pills with your meals spread out evenly through your day.

2. Metagenics Multivitamin

This brand came in at a close 2nd among our experts. It also covers all the bases for essential nutrients and uses only the highest quality products. It tends to be more expensive than competitor brands, which can be a drawback for those buyers who are looking for a bargain. It also requires taking 6 pills each day, which some people find can be annoying or excessive. One advantage of this brand is that it is available without iron, as some people cannot take regular multivitamins due to complications with processing excess iron.


3. One A Day Men’s

This brand was ranked 3rd among our experts because it is the standard choice for the average man who works a regular 9-5 job outside or in the office. It lacks some of the more obscure nutrients that are essential for athletes and people with an intense exercise regimen, but it has everything that the average man needs to stay fit and healthy, such as vitamins C and D, magnesium, potassium and calcium. The lower price is another reason why this brand is so popular.

multi vitamins for men

4. Nature Made Multi For Him

At a strong 4th place finish, this is the brand that offers the best value for content. It contains every essential nutrient and is usually significantly cheaper than similar brands. It also has key ingredients that provide a significant energy boost, which not all of its competitors carry. One drawback is that it does use quite a few ingredients from fish, which can cause allergy problems for some users.


5. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

This was the experts’ 5th place choice because of its popularity among men who lift weights, as it is designed to supplement muscle-building as well as overall nutrition. On top of all the standard nutrients, this brand contains key amino acids that are essential to rapid muscle-building and post-exercise recovery. Many weightlifters rely on multivitamins as part of their diets, and this brand is designed specifically for their dietary needs.



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Things To Know Before You Take Tonic Herbs Or Supplement This Season

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Traditionally, end of year (Dec) and beginning of year (Jan / early Feb) is one the best times to take tonic herbs and supplements because of the cooler weather we are having. If you are planning to take any herbal supplements or herbs such as cordyceps (冬虫夏草), ginseng (参类) or other tonic products, do take note of the following points so that the products you consume will give you the most nourishing benefits.

Avoid taking tonic if you have cold/flu symptoms.

I believe this is the most obvious thing that many people know. But you may not know what are the symptoms to look our for. As long as you are afraid of cold / wind, you should not take tonic until your body recovers. You should also avoid taking tonic if you have fever, sore throat or body ache due to cold/flu.

The reason why a person should not take tonic when he/she has these symptoms is because when a person develops such symptom, it means that person has 邪气 (bad qi) inside the body. If you take tonic now, then it will become the situation “闭门留寇”. It means you are shutting the exits in your body with the bad qi inside. If one has bad qi, the right approach is to either get rid of the bad qi or strengthen your good qi (depends on your body constitute) to overcome the bad qi. Only after you fully recovers, then you are more suitable to take the tonic.

Do not take tonic together with radish!

You may have heard this from the elderly that don’t eat ginseng with radish as it will destroy the nourish effects. It is true because tonic products such as ginseng mainly helps to 补气 (supplement good qi) but radish has a property of 破气 (break qi). Hence, if you take tonic products with radish, there won’t be any beneficial effects due the the clashing of the properties.

On a side note, some people say do not take radish with ANY TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) but this is not true. You can consume radish with other TCM herbs as long as the herbs do not have any 补 (tonic) property. For example, you can still drink chrysanthemum and most cooling tea because these herbs only have cooling effects (清热) rather than tonic (补气 ) effect.

You can supplement tonic with 理气药 (herbs that harmonize qi) for greater effects.

mandarin orange peel

In TCM, your body will absorb the most of the tonic when you have a good spleen (脾) and digestion. If your spleen is weak, most of the tonic won’t be absorbed. On top of that, it is easier for the qi to stagnate in your body if your spleen is weak. Hence, to minimize this from happening, you can take some mandarin orange peel (陈皮) after taking tonic. These orange peel can be easily purchased at any local TCM store such as Hock Hua tonic stores (Singapore ).

The main property of mandarin orange peel is 理气 (harmonize qi), and this will make any stagnate qi in your body to flow and thus, making the tonic effect work for your body.

These are some of the things I learn in my Chinese Dietitian course over the past 1.5 years. I will be sharing more tips in future in my blog. Do let me know if there’s something you want to ask or find out and I’ll help to clarify them (with the help of my teachers if need be)!

Have a great 2018!