Balanced Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

Balanced type is the most healthy body constitutions out of all the nine types. In TCM, we believe a person is healthy when Yin and Yang is balanced. On the other hand, a person will start to have diseases if Yin and Yang is out of balance.

If you are balanced type, it means you are doing something right so do your best to keep your mind and body healthy.

What you can do next is to take a look at the second highest score on which other body type you belong to and follow the suggestions there. The other eight types are:

  1. Qi Deficiency Type
  2. Yang Deficiency Type
  3. Yin Deficiency Type
  4. Tropical Type
  5. Water Stag Type
  6. Qi Stag Type
  7. Blood Stag Type
  8. Sensitive Type