Yang Deficiency Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

A person who is Yang deficiency is unable to withstand cooler temperature. He / she often has cold palm and feet. Someone who is Qi deficiency for too long will most likely lead to Yang deficiency.

Some food / herbs that a Yang Deficiency type person can consume more are:

  1. Mutton
  2. Prawn
  3. Walnut
  4. Chestnut (栗子)
  5. Ginger
  6. Chinese chives (韭菜)

Food / herbs to avoid or consume less are:

  1. Radish
  2. Watermelon
  3. Bitter gourd
  4. Cold drinks

Additional Tips for Yang Deficiency Type Person

Similar to Qi deficiency type person, Yang deficiency person should keep himself / herself warm whenever as possible. He/she should avoid doing strenuous exercises as excessive Qi will exhaust through sweating. Recommended exercises are Taichi, slow jogging, brisk walking and Qigong.