Sensitive Type –  Food and Herbs Recommendation

Sensitive Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

A Sensitive type (特禀体质) person is someone who is allergic to certain food or environment. Once contacted, you will experience sore throat, running / blocked nose, itchy skin etc. As this is based on case by case basis, it is not possible to suggest a list of food without knowing the exact condition.

In general, some food / herbs that a sensitive type person can consume more are:

  1. Rice (from China, known as 大米, not from Thailand)
  2. Chinese yam (山药)
  3. Carrot

Food / herbs to avoid or consume less are:

  1. Spicy food
  2. Seafood
  3. Cold food

Additional Tips for Sensitive Type Person:

The best way to stay healthy is to keep away from the allergic source so that you won’t experience the symptoms. In TCM, itchy skin is commonly due to bad wind. So keep yourself protected and don’t exposed to windy environment if possible (especially when you are sleeping).

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