Tropical Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

Tropical type (湿热体质) people often lives in Tropical countries like Singapore and in other parts of Asia. A Tropical type person is more prone to acne (even in adulthood), and often has an oily face too like water stag type. In additional, Tropical type person tends to have a heaty body nature. You should consume more food that has cooling properties.

Some food / herbs that a Tropical type person can consume more are:

  1. Red bean
  2. Green bean
  3. Barley (from China, not from Holland)
  4. Winter Melon
  5. Bitter gourd
  6. Cucumber
  7. Lotus Root
  8. Corn

Food / herbs to avoid or consume less are:

  1. Spicy and deep fried food
  2. Mutton
  3. Ginger
  4. Garlic

Additional Tips for Tropical Type Person:

Besides exercising regularly, you should avoid sleeping late (after 11pm). Sleeping earlier can help your body to achieve the nature balanced state. If you just change your lifestyle to exercise regularly and sleeping earlier, you will see a huge improvements in how you feel day to day.

Do your best to avoid spicy food because it will feed the ‘heat’ inside your body and make you feel worse in long-term. Your priority is to reduce the ‘heat’ and dampness (湿) inside your body. When you are outside eating dessert or cooking at home, choose green bean and red bean soup over others. If you are choosing beverage, choose China barley drink over others. If you are eating, choose melon-type (winter melon, bitter gourd, cucumber, pumpkin, Loofah, old cucumber etc) of vegetables as they are proven to reduce the dampness in your body. TCM believe 百病多由痰作祟, 怪病从痰治 – this means that many illness are caused by long term dampness in body so do your best to reduce it by following the above advice.

In addition, try to listen to relaxing music to keep you in the relaxed state most of the time. Avoid feeling anxious and frustrated as these feelings will feed the ‘heat’ inside your body.